QUEER CAT PRODUCTIONS creates playful, perspective-queering, boundary-pushing theater and immersive experiences at the intersection of theater, games, and storytelling. We are committed to to curiosity about evolving forms; haunting: memory, resilience, genre-fluidity; and to the spirit of play, as interactive and consensual, as a space for risk and spectacular failure, as stories that we co-create, storytellers and audience, and that create us in return.  

Queer Cat is solidly rooted in theater and also aims to queer perspectives through playful uses of traditional and emerging forms: audience participation, creative uses of space, video game structures, Augmented Reality, AI-principles, Virtual Reality, projection mapping, and technologies within most peoples’ reach (like smart phones) to create experiences that ask: who are we to each other, what does it mean to be here, what was here before, and what does it mean to have a shared experience. We are interested not just in the stories that are haunting us now (gay divorce and modern love; sexual expression and gendered violence; overfishing and what it means to be creatures who eat; ghosts and cemeteries); but also in how the stories are told and whether we can leave the audience more empowered, more connected, and a little curiouser than we found them.

We are theater-hybrid artists committed to building worlds together. We believe in pushing the boundaries of what is considered a “play.” We believe the Bay Area deserves theater that is not only gay, but queer. Queerness as we define it is loving community, playfulness, joy, upending hierarchies, and collective liberation. We believe in theater that is truly queer, not just in characters or content, but also in perspective and form. We believe immersive, interactive theater should be physically accessible, affordable, consensual, collaborative, and fun. We believe in centering the voices of women, trans*, and non-binary folks. We believe that by creating theater experiences with multiple points of entry and a sense of humor we can attract audiences that don’t think of themselves as “theater people,” and also audiences that do. We want to recreate for new audiences the feeling of the first plays that left us glued to our seats and gasping for breath and asking “you can do this?,” with puppets and aerialists and projections and sound and immersion and sometimes just stories that destroy us. Queer Cat Productions will create space for queer people, people of color, and others who don’t see themselves reflected onstage to come together and exert agency over their own experiences in the audience. We want stories and theater forms that enlarge the world or at least punch a skylight into the darkening clouds and show the outline of a bigger world out there.

We want to invite playful co-creation, not just behind the scenes, but with our audience and local communities. We are looking for a chance to say a different way, every time: this is your world to play in, how would you like this story to go?